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Name:  Mordekai Montre
Nickname: Beau
Age:  23
Gender Identity:  Male
Sexuality:  Heterosexual
Height:  6'3''
Physical Description:  Blonde hair, green eyed almost looks like a model. His skin is not tan, but he's not a ghost either. His clothes are generally casual, but nice. Usually button up shirts, a vest, and nice looking jeans/pants. His hair is well kept and comes to roughly the middle of his ears. His left leg is a prosthetic that he generally tries not to draw attention to.
Homeworld: C'vaal
Rank: neophyte.
Specialization: Channeler
Tools of the Trade: Mainly uses a guitar to calm and lure in phantasms (and the ladies ;D )
Personality: If there only needed to be one word to describe him it would be eccentric. He's very bright and chipper and likes to think the whole world revolves around him. His heart is generally in the right place though. He tends to talk a lot and makes a big deal about everything. He's a lot over-dramatic at times, but he's never aggressive or mean. He has a tendency to be unintentionally offensive and generally never has a clue when he does it. He's not the brightest star in the sky.





-Pretty clothes

-Shiny things

-The Spotlight


-Ghosts (he's afraid of them)


-Rude guys

-People who mistreat others

History:  Mordekai comes from a moderately wealthy family. He was babied a lot as a kid and he was raised by a collection of his parents and maids. When he was fourteen years old he got a cut on his leg that he ignored for too long and it had to be amputated to save his life. He didn't let it slow him down though. Throughout high school he was one of the most popular boys in his school. He ended up learning how to play the guitar because, even though he was very proficient at playing the piano, he needed a more portable instrument. He had a decent amount of “friends” (a bunch of people that leached off of his popularity, but he was never aware of it), but none that really stayed with him for too long once they got to know that how he was like wasn't just a show put on for the girls, he REALLY was just like that. He began attracting phantasms by accident. He didn't even notice Belle was with him until she stood on the piano when he was playing.

Other:  he's fairly passionate about tasks that he sets his mind to, almost too passionate.


Name:  Belle
Size:  About the size of a tennis ball
Class:  Class 1
Species:  Pegasus
Attribute:  Benevolent
Physical Description:  Tiny light pink horse with feathered wings that have light blue tips. Her mane and tail are light purple and wavy.
Personality:  She's a pretty carefree pony. She's rarely irritated except when you interrupt her when she's listening to music. She wants to help where she can, even if that's not very often. She's gentle, but is occasionally forceful when she needs to be. She likes to prance around, fluffing her wings that she takes great pride in. She tends to get along with other people and she's not shy. She loves to fly and play, tag being her favorite game by far.

Abilities:  Flight

Other: She's terribly drawn to music and she especially likes the piano. She does not like it when people are not good at playing/performing music though.

F.A.E Application - Sapheena by VampireXDemonXGirl
F.A.E Application - Sapheena

Art By: :iconhopelessace: love ya dear :3


Name: Sapheena
Nickname: Sophie
Age: 17
Gender Identity: Female
Sexuality: Bi
Height: 5'8”
Homeworld: Calarid
Rank: neophyte
Specialization: Tamer
Tools of the Trade: Flask: enchant any liquid put into it into something meant for healing. The liquid has limited capabilities; it can act as a pain killer and heal small wounds or help stem the bleeding on bigger wounds. It can also lessen the effect of toxic substances, but depending on just how toxic it is it may not be enough to save the person.
Personality: Sapheena is normally very shy. She tends to stay a few steps away from any groups, but always remains close enough to make sure everyone is okay. As shy as she is she's always the first one to jump at the chance to help people. She's not necessarily selfless meaning she has more of a flight response rather than a fight, but she will always be there to help and heal. She's not very good at handling people yelling at her and tends to freeze up.



-Veggies and fruits

-High places

-Colorful things

-Helping people


-Overly sweet things

-Sudden loud noises

-People yelling at her

-Overly dressy things

History: Sapheena came from a family of medics. Both her parents were doctors constantly trying to help people and she would help where she could without being a burden. When she was 14 her older brother Titan went off on his own to help a group of people wounded and surrounded and never returned. She never really got over the loss of her brother, but started working that much harder to be as good a medic as he was. She decided to become a seer in attempts to help people more efficiently and to ensure that more people trust that she's there to help.

Other: The flask she uses was actually a gift from her brother. She's a quick learner and is actually very good at replicating something once she's seen it done. Tends to get very focused on what she's doing and sometimes tunes out the rest of the world. She's also excellent at sewing.


Name: Zen
Size: 4 in
Class: Class 1
Species: Fairy
Attribute: Ambivalent
Personality: He tends to be very sassy at other people and babies Sapheena. He's almost just as quick to jump at helping people as Sapheena, but he's slightly more judgmental. He will follow her if she needs to help someone, but he doesn't always like it. He's hot headed and becomes very defensive if people yell at or make fun of Sapheena. He knows he's small, but he decided he wouldn't let that get in the way.

Abilities: He has the ability to heal organic matter. The healing has limited capabilities; it can help flowers bloom or heal bruises on fruit. He cannot revive anything that is too far gone, and since his abilities are not too terribly powerful at moment most things are too far gone for him.

Other: He views Sapheena as his own and is very quick to defend her, but also teases her himself. He believes he's the only one allowed to tease her. He wants fancier clothes but has no idea how to sew. He has quite the sweet tooth.



United States
What defines friendship?  When it's in person it usually is defined after each person knows the name of the other, and they begin to spend more time together.  But what defines friendship over the internet?  Is it when they start using their real names instead of their screen names?  Is it when they leave the site they were originally talking on to talk on a different site?  Or is it simply after a few conversations they have had with one another?  In the modern age, friends can come from all over the world, but are people considered friends before they've met each other in person?  Can friendship truly be gained and sustained on the internet or do the people have to talk face to face for it to be true friendship?

Just something that popped into my head a few minutes ago.


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